Decorating tips for the bathroom

Decorating tips for the bathroom

Install a large, stylish mirror to make the room look brighter. Did you know that it’s best to install lights on both sides of the mirror so your face won’t be obscured by shadows? That’s a practical little trick, especially for when you’re putting on your makeup in the morning.

Hang a favourite picture on the wall, or display an object that relaxes you. Choose paint or wallpaper that you like. For a classy look, opt for darker shades for both the floor and the walls. For a Zen style worthy of a spa, go with white, cream or beige. Feel free to add brightly coloured accessories.

Choose a vanity with drawers, and install a pendant light. Use hooks instead of a towel bar, and choose a bath/shower combination rather than a bath and separate shower. And if you’re tired of the shower curtain always sticking to you, buy a curved rod like the ones used in hotel bathrooms.

When you’re choosing faucets, opt for quality products made of solid metal. How to recognize them? It’s easy; they’re the heaviest.

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